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Spearheaded the design, vetting, and commissioning process for Chile’s inaugural sustainable village, setting a benchmark for future projects in the region.

Designed and constructed community infrastructure for rural houses, integrating Photovoltaic Off-Grid Systems to provide low-cost electricity, empowering households with sustainable energy solutions.

Collaborated with consulting engineers to design and build four children’s homes equipped with thermal energy layers and solar water heating systems, ensuring access to hot water for showers and heaters while minimizing environmental impact.

Developed an Action Plan Dashboard for sustainable development initiatives in collaboration with the Marin County Planning Department, incorporating key success factors and performance indicators to track progress and ensure accountability.

Played a pivotal role in securing the California Sustainable Business Certification for Lydia’s Organic food factory, leveraging expertise in sustainable practices to enhance environmental stewardship and operational efficiency.

Conducted audits of mining companies’ compliance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI-4) standards, advancing sustainable development goals within the industry while promoting transparency and accountability.

Addressed complex sustainability challenges within the ready-mix concrete industry in the Asia-Pacific region, fostering collaboration among plant managers, authorities, and citizens to achieve sustainable development objectives.

Implemented Six Sigma/Lean/Value Stream Maps methodologies to optimize operations at Holcim’s ready-mix concrete facilities in Texas, aligning processes with sustainable development principles for enhanced efficiency and environmental performance.

Designed a comprehensive master plan for urban and family farms in Rapa Nui as part of a sustainable development initiative, promoting environmental conservation and community resilience.

Developed master plans for low-income communities in Chile lacking essential community infrastructure, aiming to improve quality of life and foster sustainable development in marginalized areas.

Conducted market research assessments of mining towns in Nevada to evaluate citizens’ living conditions and inform proposals for community infrastructure improvements, leveraging insights from Andes SV consulting engineers to drive positive change.

Conducted assessments of agribusiness industry socio-economic impacts on nearby rural communities and indigenous citizens, providing valuable insights to inform sustainable development strategies and promote equitable growth.


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