What is Sustainable Development?

• Protect our natural resources for future generations is sustainable development
• Share corporations’ economic value with nearby communities by helping with community infrastructure’s projects
• Vitalize local education efforts in sustainable development by building green infrastructure
• Improve people living conditions by using renewable energy in community infrastructure’s projects
• Reduce-Reuse-Recycle our products

How can we produce a multiplier effect of social impact?

Our commitments are to use The Triple Bottom Line framework and The Natural Step framework for community infrastructure in order to move from looking good to be good

How to implement?

Our approach is to build the bridges among villagers, corporations’ leaders, and local government’s authorities to improve community infrastructure.

Which is our target market?

Andes SV® clients are aware of sustainable development and their low-income citizens’ living conditions in their nearby villages. The villagers seek to set priorities for relevant community infrastructure projects by building a long-term alliance with corporations.

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