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Javier B. Oyanedel, is the CEO and Co-Founder of Andes Sustainable Villages® – Andes SV®, which is an international sustainability consulting company with a staff of consulting engineers.

Javier holds multiple Masters Degrees, including Sustainable Enterprise, Real Estate Management, and Civil Engineering, in addition to a Ph.D. in International Business Administration. His academic background complements his hands-on experience, enabling him to approach projects with a holistic understanding of the complexities involved.

Under Javier’s leadership, Andes Sustainable Villages® – Andes SV® has become a driving force behind a diverse portfolio of economic, environmental, and social initiatives. With a focus on supporting low-income communities, the company specializes in designing cutting-edge infrastructure systems. From renewable energy solutions to deep energy retrofits and greywater optimization, Andes Sustainable Villages® – Andes SV®, oversees the entire process from design and vetting to construction and commissioning.

Through his dedication and expertise, Javier continues to spearhead projects that make a tangible difference in the lives of those in need, advancing sustainable development and community resilience

Andes Sustainable Villages ®

Andes SV ®

Improving low-income people living conditions will ensure a value-based society and a sustainable development.
We are passionate to bridge the gap between large corporations and low-income villages by helping them to improve their community engagement by implementing community infrastructure, such as renewable energy projects, deep energy retrofit, drinking water efficiency, human needs appraisals, and stakeholders” management.
Our first goal is with sustainable development by developing projects with experienced partners in order to provide innovative solutions that ensure successful programs for either designing sustainable villages or retrofitting current sustainable villages in South America.
Our second goal is to provoke awareness among villagers and corporations’ executives in order to consider coequally: Social (acting as if other people matter), Economic (operating profitably), Environmental (protecting and restoring the ecosystem), and Cultural (protecting and valuing cultural diversity) components as part of sustainable development..
We have cutting-edge partners in the U.S. with a successful history and a strong network in South America. This networking allows Andes Sustainable Villages® to offer successful renewable energy systems and deep energy retrofit to meet passive house requirements as well as sustainable infrastructure at community projects.

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