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“The world will not evolve past its current state of crisis by using the same thinking that created the situation”
Albert Einstein

Our offer:

Andes Sustainable Villages® – Andes SV® proposes useful community projects which provide positive return on investment and enhance community engagement by building partnership among corporations, NGOs, Communities’ leaders, and government. We connect our worldwide network to develop customized community development projects.

Our projects:

Andes Sustainable Villages® – Andes SV® uses its expertise in sustainability to develop projects of renewable energy, and water efficiency by using cutting-edge practices.

Community energy initiatives are based on the following four key principles:

  1. Community Ownership toward Community Benefit
  2. Renewable, Local, and Distributed
  3. Adaptive Resilience toward changing conditions
  4. Conservation First by reducing energy consumption
Villa sustentable Aerea 3

Casas Sistemas 1Solar FV y TS

Changing to renewable energy sources by building an off-grid or tied-grid system.


  • Deep Energy Retrofit
  • Photo-Voltaic Solar Arrays: Tied Grid & Off Grid
  • Solar Water Heating for Homeowners
  • Solar Water Heater System for Air Conditioning
  • Wind Turbines: Vertical axis middle size systems
  • Hybrid systems

Core Principles of Water Usage

Regional climate is probably the most important factor, however, depending on where you live, water bill might be high as your energy bill.


Aguas LLuviasAguas Grises y LLuvias

Water Efficiency a Journey to Self Sufficiency Considerations of Community Water.


  • Drinking water quality
  • Water conservation
  • Rainwater recycling
  • Greywater recycling
  • Irrigation – Family Farming

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