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Javier B. Oyanedel, is the CEO and Co-Founder of Andes Sustainable Villages®, an international consultancy in Sustainable Development for Communities. He is a global thinker and a leader. Over the past thirty two years, he has been dedicated to supporting the private sector and government leaders as they strive to achieve and sustain greater performance with limited resources focusing on “why, what, and how” stakeholders can support underprivileged communities. He has held leadership positions in Strategy Practices, Business Development, Human Capital, and Financial Analysis by using his diverse background and his expertise and innovation within the Private Sector. He has integrated processes for a broad portfolio of economic, environmental, and social initiatives often in support low-income communities. He has been a trusted adviser to government, business leaders especially, in academic, manufacturing, retail, and community development sectors. He has also led devising strategies to restructure organizations and align strategy with sustainability, ensuring that policy decisions are swiftly made tangible to people and that they meet expectations and provoke community engagement.

Javier was born and grew up in Chile, he lives alternately in Chile and in the U.S.A. Javier is passionate to build sustainable communities applying his awareness about people, diversity, environment, economics, and leadership skills gained during his career. He has held Masters Degrees in Sustainable Enterprise, Real Estate Management, and Civil Engineering, as well as, he earned his Ph.D. in International Business Administration.

Javier is a senior lecturer in corporate strategy and community engagement, operations management, human capital, corporate social responsibility at the University of Chile, University Mayor, University Adolfo Ibanez, Chambers of Commerce, Industrial Associations, Community Development Forums of Atacama and Eastern Island. He has also published books on Real Estate – Recovery of Empty Quarries, and on Marketing – Business to Business e-commerce.

Andes Sustainable Villages ®

Andes SV ®

Improving low-income people living conditions will ensure a value-based society.
We are passionate to bridge the gap between large corporations and low-income villages by helping them to improve their community engagement by implementing renewable energy projects, water efficiency, human needs appraisals, and stakeholders” management.
Our first goal is to develop projects with experienced partners in order to provide innovative solutions that ensure successful programs for either designing sustainable villages or retrofitting current sustainable villages in South America.
Our second goal is to provoke awareness among villagers and corporations’ executives in order to consider coequally: Social (acting as if other people matter), Economic (operating profitably), Environmental (protecting and restoring the ecosystem), and Cultural (protecting and valuing cultural diversity) components.
Since 1999 Javier Oyanedel had been passionate by helping to reduce CO2 emissions through producing eco-cement in the USA, by developing a social responsibility’ framework, and by creating innovative curriculums to develop people.In 2012, Javier decided to live in California in order to do a Master degree in Sustainable Enterprises at the Dominican University of California. This decision happened after 30+ years developing businesses for mining, building materials, retail, and real estate sector. At this time, he developed projects, feasibility studies, and research on how to connect people’s needs with corporations.In fall 2014, Andes Sustainable Villages® was founded to apply cutting-edge sustainable development’s frameworks used in California’s corporations, as well as, connecting companies’ values-based with people towards to meet their human needs.
We have cutting-edge partners in the U.S. with a successful history and a strong network in South America. This networking allows Andes Sustainable Villages® to offer successful renewabe energy systems and deep energy retrofit to meet passive house requirements as well as sustainable infrastructure at community projects.

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