Stakeholders Management


Community Assessments

Eco-economic Development
Ecological Housing


Our Community Assessment tool is designed by using two pillars:

1. Professor Max Neef’s matrix to determine the fundamental human needs which are leisure, subsistence, freedom, affection, identity, protection, understanding, creation and protection.

2. Green Building best practices and by using the Eco-House elements which is related to satisfy villagers’ needs to improve their living conditions



StakeWare software

Coordinating Across the Enterprise
Leadership Agility
Capturing facts from different sources


We use leadership and the broader community approaches to embed sustainability throughout the stakeholders with innovative solutions and competitive advantage of social capital.

Our tool is named StakeWare software in the Cloud designed by Natan Zaidenweber to give overall visibility into stakeholder business intelligence, risk management, and sustainability reporting. The StakeWare software is compatible with the most known Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

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